Things We Fund

The Friends of the Medford Library sponsors the very popular Museum Pass program that allows patrons to borrow passes for free or reduced entry at many area museums.  We also sponsor programs and special events at the library for adults and children.  Additional items we purchase include special equipment not covered under the library's regular budget, and we sponsor and conduct outreach to the community on behalf of the library and related causes.

Examples of what we fund at the library include:

  • Lectures, events, classes and other programs for adults
  • Arts and crafts supplies and programming costs for children’s and teens' activities and events
  • the annual Community Read
  • Museum Pass Program
Examples of other things we fund or otherwise support:

  • Kindergarten books program for incoming kindergarteners
  • Crafts and activities at community events, like Circle the Square
  • Activities or events sponsored by our partner organizations when they specifically relate to reading, literacy or use of the library
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