Do you take book donations?

Yes! You can drop off books at the checkout desk on the first floor.

What do you take?

Books in good condition plus CDs, DVDs, games, and puzzles. Nothing musty or mildewed. We DO NOT take:

  • Magazines, VHS or cassette tapes, records, encyclopedias, textbooks more than 5 years old, travel guides more than 5 years old

Our current guidelines are at: https://friendsofmedfordlibrary.org/Donation-Guidelines. Note that our guidelines may change as we adjust to the new space.

What happens to the books you don’t sell?

We partner with More Than Words, and they pick up a large bin of books from us weekly. We also work with groups donating to vets, the military, prison programs, and other literacy programs. We also keep an eye on the little free libraries around town and fill them up when we can.

I've seen books in the trash at the library. Why do you throw away perfectly good books?

We strive not to! We hate to throw out books as much as you do. Books in good condition go to our partners. Books in poor condition get thrown out or recycled. Some books in otherwise good condition are so common or so old that they aren’t useful to us or our partners; when that happens, recycling is the best option. Hardcover books cannot be recycled and must be tossed if they can't be sold.

What are the member benefits?

First, your support means the library can offer numerous excellent, free events and programs. Some of the concerts we sponsor are a $30+ value! Second, ensuring that the library continues to offer all the museum passes, many of which mean free entry. Third, member nights at our book sales where you get first pick. Fourth, a free book at each book sale! Fifth, invitation to our very fun gatherings, including our annual meeting, and the opportunity to meet other members and build a community. Last, the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and make a difference.

How can I get involved?

We have lots of ways you can help.

  • Become a member. Members can:

    • Attend a monthly board meeting and add your voice to our efforts. We meet at the library, and everyone is invited to attend and participate.

    • Volunteer at one of our sales, at library events, or at community events like Circle the Square.

    • Join the Board of Directors or volunteer to participate on a committee, help with online sales, or help with the website.

  • Make a donation of cash or books. We are a private 501(c)(3) non-profit. EIN: 04-3107969

  • Donate baked goods to our bake sales (part of our book sales).

Can teens volunteer and earn their community service hours?

Yes! We love to have teens volunteer with us. We need their help before and during our book sales where they help with set up and shut down, serve as runners and carry boxes of books for customers.

What do we fund?

We support events and programming for children and adults at the library and fund the museum pass program. We also support special expenses that are outside the library’s regular budget, such as unique equipment. We are not a capital fundraising organization; however, we were pleased to contribute more than $20,000 to the new building through a one-time donation.

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