The Friends of the 
Medford Public Library

Bylaws Update

In 2016, the Executive Board drafted a thorough revision of our 25-year old bylaws.  The new draft will be voted on by members at the November 5,

 2016 Annual Meeting.  

The revisions:

  1. Update and expand the mission to better fit what the Library and community need from us.

  2. Remove obsolete and unworkable sections.

  3. Update membership categories, clarify members’ voting authority, and match the membership year to the fiscal year.

  4. Simplify and modernize how the Executive Board communicates with members.

  5. Add important sections for finances, dissolution, and authority of the Executive Board.

  6. Give the Executive Board necessary flexibility in operations, including ability to update certain sections of the bylaws more efficiently.

  7. Expand the size of the Executive Board to up to 9 members, allowing the Board to more easily absorb vacancies and to involve more interested volunteers.

  8. Employ best practices in nominations, elections, and staggered terms for officers and directors.

Final Draft Bylaws Nov2016.pdf


The Friends of the Medford Public Library is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to:

  • providing funds for library projects and acquisitions
  • promoting the library’s services and activities
  • assisting in maintaining a welcoming and patron-friendly environment

The Friends are a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing and promoting our local library as a valuable and vital community resource. We fund the Museum Pass Program and underwrite numerous programs for both children and adults, pay for online databases and e-newsletters, print the library’s quarterly newsletter, and occasionally purchase items for the library’s collection.

We fund these activities through membership dues, gifts from members and others, and the proceeds of our popular Book and Bake Sales.


Helpful Links:

For information about the library: The Medford Public Library

For information about Medford, Massachusetts: City of Medford, MA website 

For information on Medford's history: The Medford Historical Society 

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